Logo Usage Guidelines

Use our Logo on your Web Site!

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1. Usage

We invite customers and industry affiliates to use the SensorPulse Logo (shown to the left), to promote interest in SensorPulse products and help indicate their connection with our company. The Logo is designed for inline use with text. For example, a customer who uses our Signal Conditioners in their machines might display the Logo image with the "Signal Conditioners provided by" language:

Signal Conditioners provided by .

Third parties who provide services related to SensorPulse products may indicate this by naming their product or service, followed by the Logo. A systems integrator might display the Logo image in this way:

System design and installation provided for I/O, Conditioners & Isolators.

To get the Logo for your own use, just move your mouse until the cursor is positioned over the Logo. Then click the right mouse button. When the file menu appears, select "Save image as...", or "Save picture as...". Then specify the file destination on your computer, using the ".GIF" file type extension.

2. Company Name

Upon its first and most prominent occurrence, the company name must appear with the trademark symbol: SensorPulse™
The company name "SensorPulse" must be used as one word (no space).

Include the following footnote on materials and on Internet sites that include the Logo: "SensorPulse" is a registered trademark of SensorPulse Corp.

3. Intent of Use

The Logo must not be used in a manner that implies SensorPulse endorsement of your product, service, or Internet site. Endorsements of other companies by SensorPulse are given only on our Internet site through coverage in articles, or listings in related links. Do not use the Logo to disparage SensorPulse, its products or services, or for any purpose that may diminish or otherwise damage SensorPulse's goodwill in the Logo.

4. Logo Link

When used in an Internet site, the Logo must always be an active link to:


5. Presentation

Do not display or use the Logo or the names "SensorPulse", SignalFlex, OPEN Signal or OPEN I/O, more prominently than your company name, logo, product, or Internet site name.

Use only the SensorPulse authorized electronic artwork of the Logo. The context of use of the Logo must maintain sufficient space around it to avoid unintended associations. The Logo must not be used as a feature or design element of any other logo.

6. Privilege of Use

SensorPulse reserves the right to review use of the Internet SensorPulse Logo. Customers and third parties may assume consent to use the Logo, unless it is used in violation of these guidelines. Disregard for the Logo Usage Guidelines may result in revocation of your right to use the Logo, and with it all benefits provided through participation in the program.Third parties improperly using the Logo must correct any deficiencies in their use and/or in the quality of the product or service used in conjunction with the Logo upon reasonable notice from SensorPulse. Refusal to correct such deficiencies may result in revocation of your right to use the Logo.

7. Questions

If you have questions about the logo program, please send email to:

SensorPulse Corp. • P.O. Box 8886 • Michigan City, IN 46361 • Ph: (800) 447-5900 or (219) 393-7218 • Fax: (219) 393-7318

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