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Industrial Signal Conditioners & Isolators for industrial control, data acquisition, test and measurement and PLC control system. High accuracy: 0.05% FS, robust operating temperature range of -45 to +75 degrees C, low drift digital calibration and CJC. Windows configurable. Highest density available, only 12mm wide. Convenient terminal block packaging.


  • Low cost per channel
  • 1500v 3-way power isolation
  • Single channel signal conditioning
  • Channel to channel isolation
  • Input: Model type determines input signal type (current, voltage, thermocouple, RTD, frequency, potentiometer)
  • Windows-based configurator utility
  • Output: Model type determines output signal type (current, voltage)
  • All models user configurable
  • Intelligent I/O signal processing
  • Factory configured models available
  • 16-bit resolution
  • 88mm x 68mm x 12mm terminal block size
  • Input signal scaled and linearized
  • Designed to meet or exceed UL/CSA requirements
  • Accuracy of 0.05 Full Scale, 0.2ºC Cold Junction Compensation
  • CE European EMC directive (89/336/ECC compliant)


SensorPulse MSC (Micro Signal Conditioner) family of single channel signal conditioning and isolating modules are intelligent, user configurable (signal range), high accuracy and user friendly.  The MSCs represent state of the art signal conditioning technology.  Models feature 2 & 3 way isolation, programmable outputs, digital calibration, high accuracy, and high density terminal block DIN rail packaging. 

The signal conditioners are excellent for front-end interfaces for Programmable Logic Controllers and Data Acquisition systems. Models are available for thermocouples, RTDs, Current, Voltage, Frequency and Potentiometers.  The MSC blocks are configurable via any PC. A complete digital design replaces potentiometers with software for calibration via a PC.  Store all setup parameters in non-volatile EEPROM on-board the unit. Save configuration files, for backup and restoration of field settings. The thermocouple units utilize digital solid state cold junction compensation for high accuracy and stability.

The MSC is factory preconfigured to support a specific analog input and output (current or voltage) signal type, depending upon model type. A diverse MSC model family permits the user to select the model which will meet their unique signal conditioning "plug 'n play" requirements. Optionally, the MSC signal range can be reconfigured in the field to meet custom re-ranging needs.


With the MSC, the analog input signal is isolated, filtered, amplified, scaled and/or linearized via onboard microprocessor as established by unit's configuration parameters, set by the factory. The conditioned signal is then converted to a high level analog voltage or current output signal (depending on the model) and sent to the unit's isolated output. All MSC models provide 16-bit resolution and 0.05% accuracy of the output signal range.

Installing the preconfigured MSC unit is easy - snap the 12mm wide enclosure to a DIN rail, supply an external 15-30Vdc power source, connect the analog input device and analog output range actuator. Plug 'N Play! Field reconfiguration of the signal range through Windows/PC or Windows/CE HPC (Handheld Personal Computer) is accomplished with the optional MSC Configurator Utility.

Each MSC module is contained within a small profile terminal block (88mm x 68mm x 12mm) DIN rail mountable enclosure. No heat sink is required.

Thermocouple Models Feature


(Digital Cold Junction Compensation)



Digital Cold Junction Compensation

Configuration Software

sensor2.gif (4908 bytes) The software has also been ported to Microsoft's new CE operating system found on the new palmtop PCs. We are offering for the first time a palmtop based portable configuration tool that consists of the configuration software, special download cable and a HP Palmtop PC

Power Supplies

Also available are several DIN rail mount power supplies designed to provide required power for SensorPulse modules. These power supplies are also certified by UL, CSA and CE for use in industrial applications. The power supplies accept from 85 to 265 VAC and provide 24 VDC at various current levels depending on the model specified.

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